BC (before children), I lived my dream of owning my own art gallery. We used the gallery to show case young talent and considering myself one of those at the time, I showed some of my work also.

A wonderful sales rep happened by and decided that she would sell my work for me and for the next decade I was flying by the seat of my pants. I created a line of limited edition hand pulled prints that sold nationwide. The prints led to a line of greeting cards. And when the boys in my life took over I pulled back to be a stay at home mom.

But I couldn't stop thinking about all the things we put in the trash bin everyday as moms and started pulling things out and re-purposing them. My trash buckets were born from that and were a hit art shows.
Next thing I knew, people were dropping off things on my door step for me to "Do Over" and the "Over Dunn" line was born.

Clothes, furniture, accessories, nothing was safe from my paint brushes. Galleries in Northern California showed interest in my work, and I expanded into glassware from there.

Glass became the next great thing and eventually I had up to 10 artists working for me painting and creating plates, glasses, bowls, serving pieces and accessories.

I'm still working with young budding artists. They are a bit smaller now - 5 to 14 years old as we take the Pixey 12 to either do art or experience art once a month. A small NON non-profit.

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