Monday, February 8, 2016

After Comic Sans, Papyrus has sometimes been called “the other most hated font in the world”. But do you know its origins? 

Fast Company recently spoke with its creator, illustrator Chris Costello, who revealed that he was paid a mere $2,500 for the font back in 1983. 

As an illustrator for an ad agency, Costello spent his downtime between projects “illustrating and lettering things” when he was inspired by the Middle East and Biblical Times. The result was Papyrus, which he sold as a typeface to Letraset, a British company that specializes in vinyl lettering sheets for use in art projects. 

It was only in 1997, when Letraset began licensing Papyrus and its other fonts for use in desktop publishing, that Microsoft picked up the font and made it one of the standard fonts pre-installed on Microsoft Office. 
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