Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2013 Spring Colors - How will you use them?

Lets talk about some "neutral" colors that you may not have thought of as neutral, and great spring colors that will bring out the best in everything from fashion, to home, to graphics.

Dusk Blue comes from the early morning, early evening palette and is a background and foreground for everything in nature and works wonderfully as a modified neutral color.

Grayed Jade with strong gray undertones works as a strong neutral color. Jade stones have often been a symbol used to attract love, while also, jade can lend a hand in making important business decisions.

Linen, a very light diaphanous color, almost translucent and of course most will agree if they were to pick a neutral out of this selection, this would be it.

Emerald has a sense of clarity attached to it, which is a grounding color, moving more into a standard Spring color with their rich, cool, green tones.

African Violet, just as the name implies is a floral color, but with an attachment to the exotic.

Nectarine is the answer to where orange has been in the last few years. But with a much more skin flattering tone.

Poppy Red is an excellent "Pop" of color. It has a sense of youthfulness, and fun.

Lemon Zest has a zesty component  and makes us think of sunshine and good cheer and is a wonderful balancing color to use with many of the other spring colors or shades.

Tender Shoots is another green that exudes "spring". It adds to our green color palette that is a real attention getter.

Monaco Blue is the anchor to the spring color palette.  It is a wonder calming color and is associated with open spaces, and imagination and inspiration.

I hope this inspires you to add some spring into your thoughts today!

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