Tuesday, January 24, 2012

When walking the dogs, there are always a cast of characters that we pass along the way.  I have different routes, and I don't pass the same folks everyday.

One gentleman and his dog we pass along the way, is not too chatty.  We just smile and say hello.  I've always thought, maybe his dog wasn't too friendly, so he is just moving on as quickly as possible.

This morning he was walking without his dog, and I had to stop him to ask.  He reported that his dog had passed away last week.  I gave my condolences, and inquired as to whether he'd get another.  He said, simply "No".  I said, I understood, "It's hard to think about taking on another animal, and when is the right time for us to stop adopting animals."

Mike and I have had this conversation. Will these pups be our last? It will be so lonely without them.  Will we be able to face being "animal-less"?

The gentleman then answered, "Well, she was my wife's dog and, my wife, well, she passed away two weeks ago."

I'm not sorry I stopped him to ask about the dog.  I'm happy I asked.  I gave my sincere regrets for his loss, and we parted ways.  I'm glad that I now know a bit more about the stranger that I pass everyday.  But, I also know about a woman that I never even met, and how she was so loved by her husband and her dog.

Monday, January 16, 2012

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