Monday, December 5, 2011

SOLD! But Custom Orders are Available! Swirly Gigs
Set of 4 Martini Glasses in a One of a Kind Design. 
Hand painted by me using lead free paints.  Fired for Hand washing safety.
I didn't know where the paint was going to take me on these.  
One of a kind designs, each one is different, so no need for those drink markers.
Signed by the artist, Nancy Buckenham

Details, Details!
Set of 4 Hand Painted Martini Glasses with Serving Pitcher $50

SOLD!! Shown here all sides of one particular bowl that I went a little nuts on!  Serving Bowl $20

Attended a little Boutique on Sunday as a vendor.
Had a great time meeting and talking with everyone, customers and fellow vendors.  It's been a long time since I sold my hand painted glassware in this fashion.  Mostly it's a side, side, side, thing I do and people ask me if I still paint glass and of course, it's a novelty and fun.

For the boutique I found blank glass and painted my little fingers off.

I have some really cute things in stock available for holiday delivery if anyone is interested.
Check them out!

French Bee Chip and Dip set: $15  Copper, Yellow and Black colors. Hand painted, fired for hand washing safety.

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