Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Need a quick flyer? 
I'm your gal!

Great for:

  • Business Mixers
  • Announcements
  • Invitations
  • Items for Sale
  • Etc
Eye Catching, easy to distribute, quick turnaround.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Enjoy this free iphone wallpaper.  Subscribe to my blog to get more free stuff in the coming months!!!!
  • If you are visiting my blog via your iphone, simply touch the photo and hold your finger on it for a bit and a pop up screen will come up. Touch "Save Image".  This should put the photo into your photo library on your phone.
  • Go to you photo library and it should be in your "Camera Roll". Touch Camera Roll and the image you just saved should be the last one in your library. Touch it.
  • Then touch the icon to the left with the box around the curved arrow.
  • This should bring up a pop up menu, touch "Use as Wallpaper".
  • Now you can move and scale the photo if you like when you are finished touch "Set".
  • Touch "Set Both".
Your wallpaper should now be set.

If you are visiting the blog via your Mac computer. Right click the image and hit "Save or Save As".
  • Save your image to the desktop and drag the photo into iphoto.
  • Click once on the photo which should make a gold frame around the picture.
  • Go to "File" in the drop down menu and the sub menu "new" album.
  • Let's call it wallpaper, your new photo should appear in the wallpaper album.
(Next time you see a iphone wallpaper of mine you can now drag it right into that folder!)
  • Now the next time you open itunes your new "wallpaper" album should appear under the photos tab at the top of the itunes window where you usually sync your phone.
(Make sure "Sync Photo from" is checked. Choose your folder from the drop down menu to the right of it if you don't see the albums list.)

PC users save the wallpaper into their "My Pictures" folder.
  • Open itunes and make sure "Sync Photos from" is checked. Choose your folder from the drop down menu to the right of it.
  • Choose "All photos" or choose "selected folders" or "selected albums"

I designed this three panel brochure for the CCBA recently. I also created the images for their "Derby" themed event. I helped them with their last minute preparations creating banners, attendee packets, and even name tags!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

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