Monday, April 19, 2010

Here is my first experiment with image transferring on gallery wrapped archival canvas which is 24" wide x 30" in height x1.5"deep painted sides.
  • First, I took the photo of the "skull".
  • Then I adjusted the scale of the photo and printed it out in "tiles".
  • I created the image transfer over the course of days by applying many coats of gloss gel, then "peeling" the image away from the backing, creating a see-through image.
  • I then layered many coats of paint and texture on my canvas.

The Tao Te Ching proverb on Flexibility -
A newborn is soft and tender, A crone, hard and stiff.  
Plants and animals in life, are supple and succulent; in death, withered and dry.
Softness and tenderness are attributes of life, hardness and stiffness attributes of death,
Just as a sapless tree will split and decay, so an inflexible force will meet defeat.
The hard and mighty lie beneath the ground, while the tender and soft dance on the breeze above.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Here are my vegetables from Fresh Edibles Community Farm. This year we opted for the 1/4 share.  This seems to be just enough.  I was a bit overwhelmed in the first two weeks last year, and this amount seems doable.

Last night we made a parsnip puree with sautéed shrimp.  Came out beautiful, but I forgot to take a photo of the meal before the guys ate it.  You’d normally not think to make this for yourself at home, but it was easy.  Parsnips prepared in this fashion remind me of a very mashed potato.  Very tasty.

The lettuce was really lovely and we have been eating delicious salads with our radishes and shredded carrots.

The fresh tarragon was a real treat and we used it several times already along with the spring garlic.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Just previewed Adobe's new CS5.  As usual great updates to an already powerful suite of programs. I can't wait to try the new painting effects in Photoshop.
And the fluid vector painting combines painting and the scalability of vectors graphics.

The 3D features in Adobe Repoussé look easy to use as well as a useful tool.

And the most time saving feature for me looks like the Truer Edge selection for Photoshop.  I can't imagine a more time saving feature.

Beautiful strokes in Illustrator (my go to program) is something I've been waiting for.  This is going to simplify drawing by being able to "stretch" at any point your brush strokes on the path!  I'm going to be using this all the time.

Simplified object selection in In-Design, well lets just say someone heard my prayers on that one.

Ships mid May.  Can't wait to spend another $1,000 on my upgrade!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I designed this poster for the Junior League of San Joaquin County.  I had a ton of fun creating this design with the Rummage Sale theme, "Twice is Nice".  Most of which was done in Illustrator CS4, although I did utilize Photoshop and In-Design also.

Support your local community by donating your gently used goods to the Junior League or attending the event in October.  JLSJC is currently accepting donations you can contact them at 209.933.6161 or to arrange a pick-up or drop off.

Your closets will thank you!!!!
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